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This is the forum for the members of the Konoki Raiders. The forum name is krf for short (Konoki Raiders Forum) This forum will be used as an ANBU-HQ for our squad.
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 Sensei Hatake's Nindo

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PostSubject: Sensei Hatake's Nindo   Sensei Hatake's Nindo EmptySun Jun 01, 2008 8:12 pm


"Those who don't follow the rules are scum. But those who abandon their friends are worse than scum"
"For those who follow the path of revenge, it never ends well. Even if you get your revenge what will you have left? Emptyness."
"I will not allow my teammates to die"
"Those who LIVE by the blade, DIE by the blade"
These are words of Kakashi Hatake

Name: Sensei Hatake
Username: grandsensei

My Regular Form:
Sensei Hatake's Nindo Kakashi-kun
I rarely use my Zanpatou (Soul Slayer) in this form. I use my ninjutsu, taijutsu, genjutsu, and weapon skills to defeat my oponents. I was born with the element of lightning but i have learned water, wind, earth and fire later on. I can equip 3 to myself once and i can use any jutsu in that element. If I had water, wind, and lightning equiped, i can't use a fire jutsu. And i can't change the elements i equiped until 3 hrs after i equiped them. That also means i can use a max of 3 elements at once.

My Shikia:
Sensei Hatake's Nindo 49668095op2

Roar, Chidori!

(Roar, 1000 Birds)
Right before I use my shikia, i slightly open my mask so that I can use the Sharingan
in my right eye. With my Sharignan, I can foresee my oponent's next move/attack and prepare to dodge, block, or even counter-attack. I can also copy their justu. After i release my Sharingan, my Zanpatou disappears. But in its place, a ball of intense lightning chakra forms in my left hand while short lightning bolts around it flicker constantly.

My Bankai:
Sensei Hatake's Nindo ANBUSenseiHatake

Roar, Yori Kuragari Tame Kuragari, Chidori!

(Roar, From Darkness to Darkness, 1000 Birds!)
I can only use my bankia after my Sharingan has been released. When i release my bankia, my body miraculously regenerates as if nothing ever happened. This is also called my ANBU form. My ninjutsu, taijutsu, genjutsu, and weapon skills are doubled in skill. My intelligence, strength, speed, and willpower are drastically increased as well. I use my Zanpatou alot more here as my main weapon. I can equip all of the elements but I can only use four at once. My soul slayer also changes form. It looks like this:
Sensei Hatake's Nindo Energy-sword
My shikia attack (Chidori A.K.A. Raikari A.K.A. Lightning Blade) also has a new form. The Lightning Blade (I prefer to call it that) appears in both my hands. Siddenly, i dash at the speed of lightning towards my target and double-stab him with my
Raikari, Ni-Hitto Tsuppari! (Lightning Blade, Two-Hit Thrust!)

Village: Konoki
Rank: Special Jounin
Birthday: Jan. 11, 2008 (in the game)
Age: 19 (in the game)
Clan: None
ANBU Squad: Planning on becoming squad captain of Konoki Raiders .
Parents, Brothers, Sisters, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins - died in KIA (Killed In Action)
kakashi269, Dizzy72, raydon, xeria, panama,
dead friends: buddd, kobe229, candyeater, itokinari, Kiocema,
Things I like and don't like: Hmmm... I don't feel like telling you that...
My dreams for the future: Hmmm... I never really thought about that...
Hobbies: As for hobbies, I got lots of hobbies...

Favorite Characters:
Favorite Naruto Characters:
Sensei Hatake's Nindo HatakeKakashi
Sensei Hatake's Nindo YondaimeHokage
Favorite Naruto Chick:
Sensei Hatake's Nindo 69106985fd8
Favorite Bleach Characters:
Sensei Hatake's Nindo ToushiroHitsugaya
Sensei Hatake's Nindo KisukeUrahara
Favorite Bleach Chick:
Sensei Hatake's Nindo 12690566kf1


Fire- The element of offense. Uses relentless attacks to weaken the oponent before going in for the final blow.
Water- The element of defense. Uses the oponents attacks while in defense mode as a weapon when switching to offensive mode.
Wind - The element of concentration. Uses raw, uncontrolled power but uses the mind to make something more powerful and useful.
Earth- The element of patience and confidence. Uses patience to use properly and then needs confidence to strengthen your abilities
Lightning- The element of speed. Uses the ability to analyze the oponent for weak spots and strikes those spots with a good combination of speed and power.

Magma: Fire and Earth
Comet: Earth and Fire
Light: Fire and Lightning (You must focus on fire constantly until the fire is white and then you must strike it with lightning. Hardest element to master.)
Ice: Water and Wind
Mud: Water and Earth
Wood: Earth and Water
Storm: Wind and Water
Thunderstorm: Storm and Lightning
Hurricane: Storm and Wind
Blizzard: Ice and Wind
Lava: Magma and Water
Sand: Wind and Earth
Sandstorm: Sand and Wind
Comet Storm: Comet and Wind
Metal: Earth (refined earth)
Darkness: A combination of anything except lightning.

The Chakras
1) Earth
Found at the bottum of the spine. The chakra of and is blocked by fear
2) Water
Found at the
3) Fire
Found at the stomach. The chakra of and is blocked by
4) Air
Found at the hearth. The chakra of love and is blocked by hatred.
5) Sound
Found at the throat. The chakra of truth and is blocked by lies.
6) Light
Found at the center for the forehead. The chakra of and is blocked by seperation.
Found at the. The chakra of cosmic energy and is blocked by earthly desires.

Forbidden Jutsu
Comet of the Eternal Flame:
Element: Fire
Duration: 24 hrs
Effects: No dark jutsu (except 1) can be used during this time and fire jutsu are amazingly strong

The Forbidden Flood:
Element: Water
Duration: 40 days and 39 nights
Effects: A great flood comes and God cannot save you. No earth jutsu (except 1) can be used and water jutsu are amazigly strong

Storm of the Raging Winds:
Element: Wind
Duration: 1 day
Effects: The winds howl constantly and lightning can't come out of the clouds (except one) and wind jutsu are amazingly stronger

The Metallic Moon:
Element: Earth
Duration: 23 hrs and 59 minutes
Effects: The surface of the moon becomes like metal and therefore, water jutsu cannot be used (except 1) due to the difficulty of controlling them. During this time, earth jutsu are amazingly strong.

Day of Black Sun:
Element: Darkness
Duration: 23 hrs and 59 minutes
Effects: A black circle covers the sun (assumed to be the moon)
No fire jutsu (except 1) can be used during this time and dark jutsu are amazingly strong.
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Sensei Hatake's Nindo
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