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This is the forum for the members of the Konoki Raiders. The forum name is krf for short (Konoki Raiders Forum) This forum will be used as an ANBU-HQ for our squad.
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 How 2 Use this forum

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How 2 Use this forum Empty
PostSubject: How 2 Use this forum   How 2 Use this forum EmptySat Jun 14, 2008 10:50 pm

This forum can b used 4 a number of things besides planning kr activity. U can post ur nindo and look at da tnr faq. The faq can help with a lot. Now then 2 da point. when u go 2 da home page, u c a couple of topics called forums. Inside forums, u have things called topics. Only admins like me and buddd can create forums. But all members can posts topics. And posts r replies 2 da topic. There r some topics which i don't want any1 2 add topics 2. These r Konoki Raiders plans and TNR FAQ. U can reply 2 posts but don't start topics. Or i will delete them on site. On nindo, i want every1 2 lock da topic if they can. I don't want any replies 2 a nindo topic. If u ahve a comment, pm da person. If u post something in Comments, Suggestions, or Questions, it bettr have 2 b a comment, suggestion, or question. Don't go off-track. I don't care what u put in da free-for all. But don't talk bout anime. I'll add a anime forum. Some users can't c certain forums. Only mods can c my anbu's plans. Only admins can c co-leader's planning. So every1 else doesn't c dat forum at all. Its like da forum was skipped. This forum is bbcode enabled just 2 let u know. And u can put smileys as well. Only admins can announe stuff. Only mods and admins can post stickies. Ur avatar can b as big as u want. There r also usergroups. Join the 1 u belong 2. Like if u r a genin in tnr, go 2 da usergroup as/genin. U also have da rite 2 join da group u belong 2 and all da 1's below u.
ex. a jounin can join da jounin/sensei usergroup. he can aslo join as/genin and chuunin usergroup.

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How 2 Use this forum
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